About Cozybot

Cool Android themed desktop phone holder

New! 2.0 model with extra stability

Works with most handsets up to 7" in size, portrait & landscape mode, allows rear and side charging where applicable. Made from 2 part tough pvc which is virtually unbreakable in normal use.

Looks great on any desk - at home and in the office. Manufactured to the highest quality - even the green is the official pantone lab-tested shade.

The base shape is to facilitate smart cable management. In most cases, your existing charger will feed through either the side valley or the back, in both portrait or landscape orientations. Even phones with side or top charger sockets, such as some Sony, Samsung and HTC models are ok - either charge directly, or thread it through the base and out of the valley/rear hole.

Androidpolice.com: "What's not to love? It holds your device, has slots for charging cables, it's affordable, and, best of all, it's an Android!"

ubergizmo.com: "...a cutely designed Android robot with holders for you to place your Android devices in either landscape or portrait position. What’s interesting about the stand is that it features a groove under the area which it holds your phone – giving you space to place your phone’s charger even if it’s at an awkward location like the bottom left corner of the device."

As seen at the Gadget Show Live


  • W: 105mm
  • D: 95mm
  • H: 160mm

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